Friday, January 28, 2011

Ever wondered what's visiting Expo feels like?

Ever since I have been on Shanghai Expo 2010, the experience of being in there never got out of my mind. Shanghai Expo has been so mind-blowing, that I even got myself a question that time - What if the whole world united as one? What would be the culture that everybody would practice?

The idea of unity in our generation seems so far-fetched, yet we already began living in an era of globalization and multi-diversity. This Expo has reminded me of those who were able to integrate into a community of harmony.

Never knew that Hangzhou can be so beautiful...

...Even with those commie blocks around! This is the city of Hangzhou, China. The place where the Song Dynasty started to write its own history. It's just a 2 hour ride (I think?) from Shanghai to Hangzhou. I would say I was pretty pleased how Chinese peoples have treated us there! I'd say Hangzhou has its own exotic beauty, like its traditional houses, foods, culture, and history. Nearby Hangzhou is a tourist spot where I spent the rest of my day wandering like an old fool. There was this theater play that shows the history of the Song Dynasty from ancient times up to the Three Kingdoms... I think... But anyway, Hangzhou is pretty much one of China's a definitely a must for those who craves for Chinese history and culture, I'm pretty sure this is the best place to start if you want to learn about China!